10×16 Urethane Lofted Barn

Barn Style Roof with 6’6″ height under loft
All buildings come standard with a 70″ wide double door
2″x6″ pressure-treated floor joists spaced 16″ on center
Wall studs 16″ on center and double studded (24″ on Metal)
5/8″ tongue-and-groove flooring
Urethane Siding [Metal Siding Available for additional cost]
Truss plates are used on ALL JOINTS for maximum stability
50-year warranty on siding
30-year Metal roof

Original price was: $6,150.00.Current price is: $5,395.00.

$209.81 @ 60 Months **
$224.79 @ 48 Months
$249.77 @ 36 Months